ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE MMA/Arc Inverter Welder

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ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE MMA/Arc Inverter Welder

The ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE MMA/Arc inverter welder with MMA, Cellulose Electrode and Air Carbon Arc Gouging functions is suitable for acid or alkalescency electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, cast iron electrodes, cellulose coated electrodes, heat resistant steel electrodes, and so on. With a high duty cycle rate of 60%, it is also applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, cast iron, copper, and alloy, and many other materials.

This inverter welder adopts soft-switch technology, ensuring stable welding under voltage fluctuation and different wire length. It also uses SMT technology for control panel to achieve easy control. With high adaptability to voltage fluctuations, the machine can be used with generator. Due to high resistance to dust, damp and corrosion, it is also applicable to humid and other severe environments.

Technical Parameters
Model ARC-400SE ARC-500SE ARC-630SE
Code HD1B400C17 HD1B500C28 HD1B630C19
Input Power Voltage(V.HZ ) 380V ±10% 50/60Hz 380V ±10% 50/60Hz 380V ±10% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power Capacity(KVA ) 18 25 35
No-load Voltage(V ) 75 75 75
Output Current Adjustment Range(A ) 20-400 20-500 20-630
Rated Output Voltage(V ) 36 44 44
Duty Cycle (%) 60 60 60
Efficiency(% ) 85 85 85
Power Factor (COS φ) 0.93 0.93 0.93
Weight(kg ) 43 55 55
Dement ions(mm ) 590x330x620 650x330x620 650x330x620
Insulation Class H H H
Protection Class IP21S IP21S IP21S
Arc Force Adjustment Range(A ) 0-200 0-200 0-200
Diameter of Welding Wire (mm) 1.6-5.0 1.6-5.0 1.6-5.0

Our welding machine with high power factor is highly efficient and energy saving. As the current for arc starting is adjustable, the success rate of arc-striking is greatly improved. The arc force current can also be adjusted to ensure good welding performance. Besides, it can realize 50m extension for welding cable, and optionally achieve remote control of welding current.

This welder is provided with a variety of protection devices to allow for safety and durability during operation when over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, over-load happens. It has powerful EMC function and electric network filtering function for high working stability. In addition, the interior circuit can be well protected because of good anti-interference function. This machine can also prevent the operator from electric shock.

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