ARC-400S/500S MMA Inverter Welder

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ARC-400S/500S MMA Inverter Welder

The ARC-400S/500S MMA inverter welder is especially used for generator. It enjoys 60% duty cycle rate and 100m welding cable extension, and is suitable for acid or alkalescency electrodes welding. It also makes use of advanced inverter technology, providing the function of voltage compensation and capacity of anti-power fluctuation. With the advantages of easy portability, reliable and stable operation, and high cost performance, it is now widely used in the industrial field.

The welding machine can achieve excellent welding performance. Both the arc starting and forcing current can be adjusted, ensuring deep weld fusion, nice welding shape, and high quality welding seam as well. It also has various protection functions for over-current and over-heat. It possesses electro magnetic compatibility, electric network filtering, anti-interference function, making it safe and durable to use. Moreover, the user's safety and the welder's efficiency are fully guaranteed because of the VRD function. By the way, the machine can resist dust, damp proof, and corrosion.

Technical Parameters
Model ARC-400S ARC-500S
Code HA1B400C38 HA1B500C88
Input Power Voltage(V , HZ ) 380V ±10% 50/60Hz 380V ±10% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power(KW ) 14.4 20
Rated Input Current(A ) 26 37
Rated Duty Cycle(% ) 60 60
Output Current Adjustment Range 20-400 20-500
Output No-load Voltage(V ) 75 ±5 75 ±5
Efficiency(% ) 88 88
Power Factor (COS φ) 0.93 0.93
Weight (Kg) 25 30
Dement ions (mm) 410x270x670 450x290x670
Insulation Class H H
Arc Force Adjustment Range(A ) 0-200 0-200
Diameter of Welding Wire(mm ) 2-5 2-6

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