MIG-350H/500H MMA/MIG Inverter Welder

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MIG-350H/500H MMA/MIG Inverter Welder

The MIG-350H/500H MMA/MIG inverter welder is applicable to the materials of low carbon steel, high strength steel, steel. Based on the IGBT soft switch inverter technology, it can still achieve normal welding under voltage fluctuation and length changing of welding wire. It also adopts pulse width modulator and closed-loop control system, which can realize precise control and stable operation.

This welding machine utilizing waveform control and inductance regulation, ensuring smooth arc, less splash, increased welding penetration, nice welding shape, etc. Available with flux-coated wire and solid wire, it can achieve high success rate of arc starting. In addition, it has strong adaptability to voltage fluctuation on the power grid. For example, it can weld normally even when the input voltage is 340V.

Technical Parameters
Model MIG-350H MIG-500H
Code HD4B350B05 HD4B500B06
Input Power Voltage(V , HZ ) 380V ±10% 50/60Hz 380V ±10% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power Capacity(KVA ) 13.7 24.4
Rated Input Current(A ) 21 37
Rated Duty Cycle(% ) 60 60
Output Current Adjustment Range(A ) 60-350 60-500
Output Voltage Adjustment Range (V) 15-40 15-50
Efficiency(% ) 85 85
Power Factor (COS φ) 0.93 0.93
Weight(kg ) 33.6 50
Dement ions(mm ) 590x300x620 650x335x620
Insulation Class H H
Protection Class IP21S IP21S
Diameter of Welding Wire(mm ) 1.0-1.2 1.0-1.6
CO2 Gas Flow(l/min ) 15-20 15-20

Our welder allows for as long as 50 meters extension for the welding wire. Upon request, it can be provided with the optional automatic locking system. It can also realize self-protection when over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, over-load, and default phase occurs. What's more, it has the functions of EMC, anti-interference, and so on.

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