Multifunction Smart Wire Feeder

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Multifunction Smart Wire Feeder

The multifunction smart wire feeder is widely applied in machinery manufacture, vehicle manufacture, ship building, pressure vessel and pipeline construction. Powered by external DC power supply, this range of product is suitable for MMA, DC TIG, pulsed TIG, MIG, dual MIG, pulsed MIG and double-pulse MIG with internationally advanced welding performance.

This range of product is suitable for MIG, dual MIG, pulsed MIG and double-pulse MIG for 13 kinds of materials, including common carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, flux-cored wire, etc. The welding gun is capable of offering 8 operating modes to realize 2T/4T welding and spot welding,a s well as other operating modes for all-position welding, sheeting welding, automatic welding, and some others.

Our product is consisted of control circuit, chopper circuit and wire feeder. The external DC power supply make it possible for the applications on any DC welders, like MMA, TIG, MIG, submerged arc welder, etc, with the circuit structure of MOSFET, IGBT, module IGBT or controllable silicon. As long as the total amount of the actual welding current is less than that of the DC power supply, one DC power supply can be used to offer power for multiple multifunction smart wire feeders.

Additionally, our multifunction smart wire feeder is provided with velocity control system and temperature control fan to show the current, speed, temperature, input voltage and some other information timely.

Typical Welding
1. Matched with KR350 welder for low-spatter high-speed welding
Solid cored wire: Φ1.2
Mixed gas: Ar80%+CO220%
Power: 260A-280A/30-32V
Welding speed: 1.5m/min.

2. Matched with LINCOLN DC400+PAW3000 welder
1. Φ1.6 self-shielded flux-cored wire
2. 180A-280A/18-24V

Technical Parameters
Output current 400A
Duty cycle 40%(400A/36V)
Input voltage 24-90VDC
Output heating power supply 36VDC 6A
Wire feeder motor 24VDC
Wire feeder speed 22m/min
Measurement (mm) 620×250×410
Net weight (kg) 20
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