Arc Voltage Sensing Wire Feeder

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Arc Voltage Sensing Wire Feeder

Widely used for machinery manufacture, vehicle manufacture, construction industry and automatic welding, our arc voltage sensing wire feeder is well received by our clients.

The product of PM series uses the arc voltage as the working voltage. Applicable for solid-cored, flux cored and self-shielded welding, this range of product use arc voltage sensor control technology. Our company has four patented technologies for the arc voltage sensing wire feeder, which features good arc stiking performance, wireless control cable, versatile application with any DC CC/CV welder, four-wheel drive, stable and reliable wire feeding. Since the DC MMA is replaced by MI, the productivity can be enhanced.

Featuring high deposition efficiency and low dilution rate, our product can avoid the adverse effect of secondary extended cable to the welding. Moreover, it has no requirements in power and output interface.

As the upgraded version of MIG/MAG, with our arc voltage sensing wire feeder, you can enjoy the high speed MIG with a digital welder.

1. Matched with common DC MMA welder, the flux-cored MIG welding with constant current can be realized. The fusion and arc length are in equal depth. This combination is suitable for high strength steel welding, ship building, port machinery, and pressure vessels.

2. When used together with DC MMA welder, the large-current solid-cored MIG can be obtained with constant current. Capable of replacing submerged arc welding, this arc voltage sensing wire feeder can be used for small and medium pressure vessel manufacture and petrochemical storage tank manufacture.

3. To realize high-speed welding, this range of fast-speed wire feeder can work together with MIG welder to weld sheets like container. The maximum welding speed can be as high as 2m/min.

4. Matched with common MMA welder, our product can realize the welding for solid-cored and flux-cored stainless steel wire. Possessing the same welding effect with that of the internationally famous brand, our product can be applied for self-shielded downward welding of pipeline.

5. In conjunction with arc welding generator, our wire feeding unit can be used for pipeline construction and offshore engineering.

6. Additionally, the arc voltage sensing wire feeder can be applied to open arc surface welding. Meanwhile, application for welding material with abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance is also available.

Typical Welding
Matched with MILLER DELTA600/EWM WEGA600 for welding hydraulic turbine parts
1. Wire: Φ1.6 flux-cored wire
2. Gas: pure CO2
3. Power: 320A-380A/35-36V

Matching with common MMA for pressure vessels
1. Wire: Φ1.2 solid wire
2. Gas: Ar80%+CO220%
3. Power: 260A-280A/30-32V

Technical Parameters
Model Open type I Semi-closed type I Totally-closed type III
Input power 15V-105V
Diameter of rod(mm) Flux-cored: 1.2-2.4 Solid-cored: 0.8-1.6 Self-shielded: 1.6-2.4
Diameter of coil 300mm
wire feed rate 0-25m/min
Measurement(mm) 480×230×330 490×250×400 490×250×400
Net weight(kg) 14 16 18

Notes: Motors are optional. For welding rod with the diameter more than 2.0mm, it is necessary to select motor with big torque.

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