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  • 730 Series Inverter WelderOur 730 series inverter welder is a high performance carbon steel welding machine. It includes MIG-315/400/500 (IGBT), MIG-500PT (IGBT) and MIG-500DP (IGBT) three types of industrial inverter welder. It utilizes insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter technology, so as to not only improve the reliability of the welder, but also ensure stable welding process, good formability, and high adaptability to a wider range of current and voltage.
  • 740 Series Inverter WelderThe inverter welder with DSP control can achieve one droplet per pulse transfer and synergic adjustment. Due to the built-in database, it can realize parameter storage and call. Using the flux-cored welding wire, the welder is also applicable to stainless steel pulse welding and non-splash medium steel plate welding.
  • 750 Series Inverter WelderThis series of inverter welder all adopts fully digital DSP control technology and is suitable for welding under the current below 300A. For the HYL-Master-DP (IGBT) and HYL-Master-DPP (IGBT) welders, they enjoy lots of similarities. For example, they take advantage of three-proofing technology to make our product free from being affected by dust, moisture and corrosion.
  • 760 Series Inverter WelderOur 760 series inverter welder is a machine used for fine welding. It uses inverter soft-switching technology to achieve non-splash welding, and at the same time greatly improve the dynamic response speed and welding performance of the welder. The product is built with 100 expert-level database system, so that the welding parameters can be stored called with ease.
  • Other Industrial Inverter WelderAs a professional industrial digital welding machine manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of products, including TIG-400P/500P (IGBT), TIG-315P/400P/500P/630P AC/DC (IGBT), CUT-70/100/120/160 (IGBT), ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE (IGBT), and so on. These products available with the LED screen display can be used in chemical, metal processing, machinery, pressure vessels, bicycle industries, etc.
  • CUT-70/100/120/160 Industrial Plasma CutterThe CUT-70/100/120/160 industrial plasma cutter is applicable to carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and other materials. Available with the pulse width modulator (PWM) and closed-loop control system, the machine is able to work stably. In addition, the welder is also provided with the intelligent air-blower control system, and can match with digital cutting control.
  • Wire FeederThis range of product is suitable for MIG, dual MIG, pulsed MIG and double-pulse MIG for 13 kinds of materials, including common carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, flux-cored wire, etc.

Our industrial welder and cutter achieves its function by software. Simply by changing the software can increase the welder function, with each functional module independent of each other, and newly added function not affecting the original performance. However, the functionality of traditional welder is realized by many analog and logic circuits, with each additional function corresponding to an increased number of components.

The industrial welder and cutter includes 730 series carbon steel, 740 series thin carbon steel plate, 750 series thin aluminum plate and 760 series thin plate welding machines, as well as other industrial inverter welders. It adopts advanced inverter technology and precise control system, ensuring stable and efficient metal welding. In addition, this welding equipment also makes use of digital components to improve the reliability of the circuit.

As a professional industrial welder and cutter manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer portable welder and cutter, KIND arc welder, inverter plasma cutter, and more.

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