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  • TIG-200/250/315 Digital WelderThe TIG-200/250/315 digital welder is able to automatically store and call a variety of welding parameters. The single knob and touch panel allows the user to conveniently and precisely adjust the parameters in welding. Due to the high quality square wave power supply, the zero-crossing time of current is short, thus ensuring arc stability and weld quality.
  • TIG-200P/250P Digital WelderThe TIG-200P/250P digital welder is applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other materials. It is available with the single knob and touch control panel, so that all kinds of welding parameters can be adjusted accurately and conveniently. In addition, the data can be automatically saved and recalled. The newly designed plastic panel enjoys practical use and elegant appearance.

The portable digital welder is controlled by the DSP, ARM and other embedded microprocessors. It has the welding functions of DC Constant Current TIG, DC Pulse TIG, DC AC Constant Current TIG, AC Pulse TIG, etc. Each function has many adjustable parameters, so users can not only use the system default parameters, but also conduct fine-tuning depending on different welding requirements to achieve optimal welding results. In addition, this welder can also be used for manual metal arc (MMA) welding, ensuring high strength and good quality of the weld.

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