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  • Portable Digital WelderThe portable digital welder is controlled by the DSP, ARM and other embedded microprocessors. It has the welding functions of DC Constant Current TIG, DC Pulse TIG, DC AC Constant Current TIG, AC Pulse TIG, etc. Each function has many adjustable parameters, so users can not only use the system default parameters, but also conduct fine-tuning depending on different welding requirements to achieve optimal welding results.
  • Portable TIG WelderIn general, with beautiful appearance and good usability, the machine is preferred by users.
    Our TIG welding machine is well protected from over-current, over-heat and over-current, so that the machine is safe and durable to use. Currently, it can be commonly found in petroleum industry, chemical industry, power construction, as well as manufacturing of pressured vessels, stainless steel products, bicycles, furniture, motors, etc.
  • Portable MMA WelderThe portable MMA welder is applicable to various materials, such as acid/alkalescency electrode, stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode, cellulose covered electrode, heat-resistant steel electrode, etc. It is also suitable for welding low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel. Equipped with perfect protection system, it offers automatic protection for over-current, over-heat and under-voltage so as to ensure safety ...
  • Portable MIG WelderOur portable MIG welder takes advantage of the current-mode PWM controller with good transient response. It also uses wave form control technology with adjustable inductor, so that the inductance can be adjusted according to different welding requirements. This helps to ensure soft electric arc, increased fusion depth, reduced spatter, as well as good welding performance. In addition, the automatic wire feeding speed reduction at arc striking ...
  • Portable Plasma CutterThe portable plasma cutter can achieve smooth cutting edge and high cutting precision. With stable output, small cutting tension and deformation can be fully ensured. It is designed with protection against over-current, over-heat and over-current, so that it is suitable for safe and long time use. Hence, it is now widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, power supply, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, boilers, pressured vessels ...
  • CT-312/416 MMA/TIG Welder and Plasma CutterOur CT-312/416 MMA/TIG welder and plasma cutter is suitable for welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper plate, high strength Cr-Mo steel, copper, titanium, etc. It comes with less no-load loss, as high as 100KHZ inverter frequency and 85% inverter efficiency. Adopting stepless speed regulation, the machine also features easy operation, intelligent control, easy carrying, and high durability.

The civilian welding machine is a piece of equipment that provides certain power supply for welding. As it is easy to use and the welded product even has the same strength as the base metal, the machine is widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, container, etc. This series of product includes digital, TIG, ARC, MMA and MIG welding machine, air plasma cutter, as well as CT-312/416 MMA/TIG welder and plasma cutter.

Our civilian welding machine has light weight, small size, high efficiency, energy saving, easy use and other advantages. The metal inert gas or MIG welder features stable arc, little spatter, high quality weld joint. In addition, the tungsten inert gas or TIG welder is an ideal machine used to weld stainless steel, low carbon steel, high strength steel, Cr-Mo steel, etc. Due to the high quality and economical price, our products are widely used by customers both at home and abroad.

As a professional portable welder and cutter manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer industrial welder and cutter, MIG-250K/350K MIG welder, KIND TIG welder, and more.

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