MA-1250 Submerged Arc Welder

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MA-1250 Submerged Arc Welder

The MA-1250 submerged arc welder is suitable for welding a variety of materials, like carbon steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel. It is extensively used in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, boilers, pressure vessels, pipes, vehicles, aerospace, and many other fields.

Technical Parameters
Model MA-1250
Code KA5B125A88
Input Power Voltage (V.Hz) 380V±15% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current (A) 105
No-load Voltage (V) 100
Output Current Adjustment Range (A) 50-1250
Rated Output Voltage (V) 44
Duty Cycle (%) 100
No-load Consumption (W) 300
Efficiency (%) 87
Power Factor (COSφ) 0.93
Diameter of Welding Wire (mm) 4.0-6.0
Weight (kg) 98
Dimensions (mm) 755x365x700
Insulation Class H
Protection Class IP21S

Advanced Inverter Technology
1. The MA-1250 submerged arc welder adopts IGBT soft switching PWM inverter technology, which enables IGBT device to work stably in relatively low temperature rise conditions. High efficiency, reliability and small electromagnetic interference are achieved.
Precise Control System
1. PWM controller and closed loop control system ensures the working stability of the machine.
User Friendly Design
1. The intelligent welding carriage is convenient to operate. The dual roll drive wire feeder ensures stable and reliable wire feeding.
2. The machine has wide current adjustment range. The minimum current is no more than 60 A.
Great Protection System
1. The submerged arc welding machine is protected against undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload and phase lack conditions. Hence, it is reliable, safe to use.
2. The electro magnetic compatibility (EMC) function and grid filtering ability ensure reduced power supply contamination. The good anti interference function helps effectively protect the internal circuit and components.
High Welding Performance
1. The machine has good arc starting current control function. The output current during arc starting can be automatically adjusted. This, coupled with two arc starting methods, greatly improves the success rate of SAW arc starting.
2. The output current when arc length gets short can be automatically adjusted, greatly avoiding wire sticking phenomenon.
3. The weld penetration, width and surface height of welding seam can be adjusted by precisely setting welding current, voltage and welding carriage speed.

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