TIG-200P/250P/315P AC/DC TIG/MMA Welder

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TIG-200P/250P/315P AC/DC TIG/MMA Welder

TIG/pulse TIG/AC TIG /AC pulse TIG/MMA

Technical Characteristics
1. With welding parameters stored and invoked arbitrarily, this TIG or MMA welder is very convenient for operation.
2. Through versatile AC and pulse TIG, it realizes excellent weld forming.
3. Our product is outfitted with single knob, digital tube, touch control panel, simple and intuitive interface and optional remote controller for ease of operation.

Application Materials
It is applicable for welding the aluminum and aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and copper alloys, etc.

Scope of Application
This TIG or MMA welder for industrial use is mainly used for machinery manufacturing, petrochemical pipelines, pressure vessels, engineering maintenance, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model TIG-200P AC/DC TIG-250P AC/DC TIG-315P AC/DC
Code J134 J135 J136
Input power voltage (V, Hz, P) 220, 50/60, 1 380, 50/60, 3 380, 50/60, 3
Rated input power (KVA) 8.9 11 15.8
Current adjustment range (A) TIG: 10-190
MMA: 10-175
TIG: 10-225
MMA: 10-205
TIG: 10-290
MMA: 10-275
Duty cycle (%) 60 60 55
No-load voltage (V) 62 40 45
Pulse duty cycle (%) 10-90 10-90 10-90
Pulse base current (A) 5-190 5-225 5-290
AC frequency (Hz) 20-100 20-100 20-100
AC clean-up pulse width (%) -80 -80 -80
Ingress protection IP21S IP21S IP21S
Insulation class F F F
Dimension (mm) 630×380×400 630×380×400 630×380×400
Cooling mode Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling
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