MIG-315K/500K MIG/MMA Welder

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Technical Characteristics
1.This welder adopts PWM control technology, keeping stable welding.
2. Designed with separated wire feeder, it is much easier for operation.
3. High duty cycle ensures excellent continuous welding.
4. The product is preset with digital tube for intuitive display of datum and operation state.
5. 4T design makes the product convenient for long-seam welding, lessening labor intensity of welding workers.

Application Materials
It is primarily suitable for welding the carbon steel and other materials.

Scope of Application
The welder is commonly used for machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, steel buildings, metal processing, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model MIG-315K MIG-500K
Code J66 J86
Input power voltage (V, Hz, P) 380, 50/60, 3 380, 50/60, 3
Rated input power (KVA) 12 27.8
Current adjustment range (A) MMA:10-270
Rated out put voltage (V) MIG:15-31 MIG:18-39
Duty cycle (%) 60 60
No-load voltage (V) 55.3 75
Diameter of rod (mm) 0.8/1.0 1.0/1.2/1.6
Diameter of coil (mm) 270 270
Ingress protection IP21S IP21S
Insulation class F F
Dimension (mm) 490×210×375 780×385×530
Weight (kg) 17 41
Cooling mode Air cooling Air cooling
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