CUT-70/100 Plasma Cutter

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CUT-70/100 Plasma Cutter

The CUT-70/100 plasma cutter is compact, light and portable. Compared with flame cutting machine, it is more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. Good dust resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of the internal structure makes the machine works more reliably under harsh environments. Currently, the cutter is frequently used for cutting carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model CUT-70 CUT-100
Code KA3A070A68 KA3A100A98
Input Power Voltage (V.Hz) 380V±15% 50/60Hz 380V±15% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) 8.1 12
No-load Voltage (V) 290 350
Output Current Adjustment Range (A) 20-70 30-100
Rated Output Voltage (V) 108 120
Duty Cycle (%) 60 60
No-load Consumption (W) 100 100
Arc Starting Non-contact Non-contact
Efficiency (%) 85 85
Power Factor (COSφ) 0.93 0.93
Weight (kg) 28.0 40
Dimensions (mm) 480x230x400 650x330x620
Insulation Class F F
Protection Class IP21S IP21S
Recommended Air Compressor Capacity (m3) 0.36 0.36
Max Cutting Thickness (mm) 25 30

User Friendly Design
1. The unique fan dormant function effectively lowers no load consumption.
2. The 2T, 4T function helps reduce the labor intensity.
Protection System
1. It provides protection against undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload, phase lack and gas lack conditions. So, the IGBT inverter plasma cutter can work safely and reliably.
Advanced Inverter Technology
1. The voltage compensation function results in the machine having better capacity of withstanding grid voltage fluctuations. High duty cycle ensures continuous work.
High Cutting Performance
1. With high cutting precision and stable output, the cutting machine ensures small cutting tension, deformation and smooth cutting edge.
2. The pilot arc adopts IGBT control. The arc is stable.
3. The machine utilizes non-contact arc starting, with great instant arc starting performance. It can be used to cut untreated metal with rust and paint.

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