ARC/ZX7-250S/315S Arc Welder (220V/380V)

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ARC/ZX7-250S/315S Arc Welder (220V/380V)

Working Situations
Welding manner: ARC
Welding material: Carbon steel

Technical Characteristics
1.Due to the inverter control technology based on MOSFET, our arc welder performs with constant current and low loss.
2. It incorporates such features as energy conservation, high efficiency, easy movement, automatic compensation for grid voltage, etc.
3. Under the situations of overcurrent and overheating, this product supplies automatic protection to make sure the safety of operation.
4. It is configured with imported MOSFET and power devices.

Application Fields
The arc welder is suitable for household use like home decoration, civil use like civil installation and other applications in light industry like maintenance of automobile and agricultural machinery, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Arc/ZX7-250s Arc/ZX7-315s
Code L013 L014
Input voltage V, Hz 220/380,50/60 220/380,
Capacity P, KVA 9.1 11.1
Open circuit voltage V 60 54
Current range A 20-160 20-200
Rated output voltage V 30 31.2
Duty cycle (40℃) % 35 35
Welding rod Φ, mm 3.2 3.2/4.0
Arc force current A - 0-70
Power factor Φ COSφ 0.9 0.9
Ingress protection IP IP21s IP21s
Insulation class H F F
Weight kg 73 12.8
Size mm 400×160×300 490×210×370
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