LEDEN Series Welder and Cutter

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  • LEDEN Arc WelderAutomatic locking and non-automatic locking performance promotes the automatic protection of circuit against overcurrent and overheating situations.
    The IGBT and power devices are originally imported parts.
  • LEDEN TIG WelderAside from originally imported power devices and MOSFET, this product also uses optimal inverter based on MOSFET to control the welding current at constant state with slight loss.
  • LEDEN MIG WelderWith waveform control technology, it is energy saving, efficient and portable. Moreover, this product offers automatic adjustment on arc.
    Our product is designed with deep weld pool that is capable for resisting thermal cracking and thermal deforming effectively.
  • LEDEN Plasma CutterIt features excellent energy conservation, high efficiency and easy movement.
    Our product performs with precise and neat cutting effect.
    Originally imported power devices and MOSFET are mounted in this machine.
  • Other LEDEN Welder and CutterThis MIG or MMA cutter is available in double welding manners, namely MIG, ARC welding. Its panel and housing can be changed in different colors.
LEDEN Series Welder and Cutter