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  • 730 Series Inverter WelderOur 730 series inverter welder is a high performance carbon steel welding machine. It includes MIG-315/400/500 (IGBT), MIG-500PT (IGBT) and MIG-500DP (IGBT) three types of industrial inverter welder. It utilizes insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter technology, so as to not only improve the reliability of the welder, but also ensure stable welding process, good formability, and high adaptability to a wider range of current and voltage.
  • 740 Series Inverter WelderThe inverter welder with DSP control can achieve one droplet per pulse transfer and synergic adjustment. Due to the built-in database, it can realize parameter storage and call. Using the flux-cored welding wire, the welder is also applicable to stainless steel pulse welding and non-splash medium steel plate welding.
  • 750 Series Inverter WelderThis series of inverter welder all adopts fully digital DSP control technology and is suitable for welding under the current below 300A. For the HYL-Master-DP (IGBT) and HYL-Master-DPP (IGBT) welders, they enjoy lots of similarities. For example, they take advantage of three-proofing technology to make our product free from being affected by dust, moisture and corrosion.
  • 760 Series Inverter WelderOur 760 series inverter welder is a machine used for fine welding. It uses inverter soft-switching technology to achieve non-splash welding, and at the same time greatly improve the dynamic response speed and welding performance of the welder. The product is built with 100 expert-level database system, so that the welding parameters can be stored called with ease.
  • Other Industrial Inverter WelderAs a professional industrial digital welding machine manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of products, including TIG-400P/500P (IGBT), TIG-315P/400P/500P/630P AC/DC (IGBT), CUT-70/100/120/160 (IGBT), ARC-400SE/500SE/630SE (IGBT), and so on. These products available with the LED screen display can be used in chemical, metal processing, machinery, pressure vessels, bicycle industries, etc.
  • CUT-70/100/120/160 Industrial Plasma CutterThe CUT-70/100/120/160 industrial plasma cutter is applicable to carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and other materials. Available with the pulse width modulator (PWM) and closed-loop control system, the machine is able to work stably. In addition, the welder is also provided with the intelligent air-blower control system, and can match with digital cutting control.
  • Wire FeederThis range of product is suitable for MIG, dual MIG, pulsed MIG and double-pulse MIG for 13 kinds of materials, including common carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, flux-cored wire, etc.
  • Portable Digital WelderThe digital welding machine is controlled by the DSP, ARM and other embedded microprocessors. It has the welding functions of DC Constant Current TIG, DC Pulse TIG, DC AC Constant Current TIG, AC Pulse TIG, etc. Each function has many adjustable parameters, so users can not only use the system default parameters, but also conduct fine-tuning depending on different welding requirements to achieve optimal welding results.
  • Portable TIG WelderIn general, with beautiful appearance and good usability, the machine is preferred by users.
    Our TIG welding machine is well protected from over-current, over-heat and over-current, so that the machine is safe and durable to use. Currently, it can be commonly found in petroleum industry, chemical industry, power construction, as well as manufacturing of pressured vessels, stainless steel products, bicycles, furniture, motors, etc.
  • Portable MMA WelderThe MMA welding machine is applicable to various materials, such as acid/alkalescency electrode, stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode, cellulose covered electrode, heat-resistant steel electrode, etc. It is also suitable for welding low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel. Equipped with perfect protection system, it offers automatic protection for over-current, over-heat and under-voltage so as to ensure safety ...
  • Portable MIG WelderOur MIG welding machine takes advantage of the current-mode PWM controller with good transient response. It also uses wave form control technology with adjustable inductor, so that the inductance can be adjusted according to different welding requirements. This helps to ensure soft electric arc, increased fusion depth, reduced spatter, as well as good welding performance. In addition, the automatic wire feeding speed reduction at arc striking ...
  • Portable Plasma CutterThe air plasma cutter can achieve smooth cutting edge and high cutting precision. With stable output, small cutting tension and deformation can be fully ensured. It is designed with protection against over-current, over-heat and over-current, so that it is suitable for safe and long time use. Hence, it is now widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, power supply, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, boilers, pressured vessels ...
  • CT-312/416 MMA/TIG Welder and Plasma CutterOur CT-312/416 MMA/TIG welder and plasma cutter is suitable for welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper plate, high strength Cr-Mo steel, copper, titanium, etc. It comes with less no-load loss, as high as 100KHZ inverter frequency and 85% inverter efficiency. Adopting stepless speed regulation, the machine also features easy operation, intelligent control, easy carrying, and high durability.
  • KIND-PT MIG WelderThe IGBT soft switching and power factor alignment techniques ensure stable welding under voltage fluctuation, as well as high power factor and low electromagnetic interference (EMI).
    With synergic adjustment function, the machine can be used in combination with various automatic welding machines for high welding automation.
    The KIND-PT MIG welder can save up to 10 sets ...
  • KIND-DP MMA/MIG Inverter WelderThe full digital inverter MMA, MIG and pulse MIG welding machine provides VRD function, which helps protect users against electric shock, meeting European safety standard.
    It has powerful network functions. Centralized monitoring, centralized control, on line software update and remote diagnosis can be easily realized.
    The machine can continuously record welding date, time, parameter setting ...
  • KIND-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG Inverter WelderThe KIND-DPP MMA/TIG/MIG inverter welder is internally integrated with DEVICENT, which can connect with ABB, KUKA, etc., robots and specialized machines to realize welding automation.
    The dynamic characteristic and welding performance of the welder are significantly improved due to the use of DSP control, soft switching technique and self adaptive control technique.
  • KIND 730 Series Welder It uses double motor wire feeder with wire speed feedback function, ensuring stable feeding speed and welding speed. With high performance and efficiency, our welder becomes the preferred steel welding machine for customers. It is now widely used to weld a wide variety of materials for many industries, like the steel industry, power industry, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, container, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, offshore operations, and more.
  • KIND Arc WelderOur KIND arc welder is a mature electric welding machine which can be used for a variety of welding rods, like acid welding rod, alkaline welding rod, stainless steel welding rod, cast iron welding rod, heat resistant steel welding rod, and more. The machine is especially suitable for welding low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and alloy steel. With high success rate of arc starting and small spatter, our welder provides high welding performance ...
  • KIND TIG WelderWith reliable quality and performance, our products are widely used in many fields. For instance, our IGBT inverter DC TIG, MMA welding machine is mainly used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, pressure vessels, power construction and stainless steel products. Our MOSFET inverter DC TIG, MMA welding equipment is extensively used in welding aluminum, aluminum magnesium alloy, carbon steel, copper, titanium and other materials ...
  • KIND MIG WelderWith a strong anti interference ability, our MIG welding machine can be used in complex environments. With a reasonable design, the machine is small, lightweight, reliable and safe to use. Typically, it is suitable for welding low carbon steel, high strength steel and ordinary steel. The arc welding equipment is widely used in the automobile, motorcycle parts, furniture, light steel structure and other industries where sheet metal welding is required.
  • KIND SAW WelderThe MA-1250 submerged arc welder adopts IGBT soft switching PWM inverter technology, which enables IGBT device to work stably in relatively low temperature rise conditions. High efficiency, reliability and small electromagnetic interference are achieved.
    PWM controller and closed loop control system ensures the working stability of the machine. User Friendly Design
  • KIND Plasma CutterOur inverter plasma cutters come in many types, like CUT-40, 60, CUT70, 100, CUT100K and CUT120, 160. Available in a wide range of specifications, our products can suit customers' different requirements.
    Our inverter plasma cutter provides good cutting performance. Compared with flame cutting machine, it is more economical, offers higher efficiency and causes no environmental pollution.
  • KIND CT-416 TIG/MMA Welder and Plasma CutterThe KIND CT-416 TIG/MMA welder and plasma cutter is suitable for welding materials like stainless steel, low carbon steel, high strength steel, Cr-Mo steel, copper and titanium alloy. In addition, it can be used to cut metal plates such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The machine serves many industries, including civil processing, small processing plant, field construction, family use and decoration.
  • PM-500DP MIG/TIG Welder for AluminumElimination of globule droplet during arc extinguishing facilitates new successful arc initiating.
    This machine offers precise welding with nice weld, especially for welding the work piece with long seam.
  • LEDEN Arc WelderAutomatic locking and non-automatic locking performance promotes the automatic protection of circuit against overcurrent and overheating situations.
    The IGBT and power devices are originally imported parts.
  • LEDEN TIG WelderAside from originally imported power devices and MOSFET, this product also uses optimal inverter based on MOSFET to control the welding current at constant state with slight loss.
  • LEDEN MIG WelderWith waveform control technology, it is energy saving, efficient and portable. Moreover, this product offers automatic adjustment on arc.
    Our product is designed with deep weld pool that is capable for resisting thermal cracking and thermal deforming effectively.
  • LEDEN Plasma CutterIt features excellent energy conservation, high efficiency and easy movement.
    Our product performs with precise and neat cutting effect.
    Originally imported power devices and MOSFET are mounted in this machine.
  • Other LEDEN Welder and CutterThis MIG or MMA cutter is available in double welding manners, namely MIG, ARC welding. Its panel and housing can be changed in different colors.

Huayilong Electric offers a wide range of products, including our industrial welder and cutter, civilian welding machine, and KIND welder. Our products are widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, steel structure, construction, transportation, metallurgy, mining, water conservancy and hydropower, oil and chemical, mechanical and electrical machinery, metal processing and other industries. We have possessed more than 100 invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software copyrights.